2020 - 2021

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Mailing address:

PO Box 11363, Reno, NV 89510

Telephone: 775-829-1303




Physical address:

5355 Kietzke Ln, Suite 100, Reno, NV 89511





Members of AWCMS have submitted their Private contact information. The Directory is not to be used for business, political or charitable reasons. Contact information may not be sold or given for any use to any other person, facility or organization without the explicit permission of the person being contacted.

Mission Statement

AWCMS advances the health of the community through educational and philanthropic works, health advocacy programs and support of the Washoe County Medical Society (WCMS)

Vision Statement

Working together with community partners, we promote quality medical care and better health for Northern Nevadans.

AWCMS DIRECTORY   2020 - 2021

Information is current as of September 12, 2020


Corrections and additions are published in the AWCMS MedFlyer.  Please check your listing.  If you have additions or corrections, please notify, Membership Co-Chairs, Linda Smith at linda46reno@gmail.com or 775-742-2296 or Joyce Sundstrom at sjjn96@gmail.com or 775-750-6787.

Each member of AWCMS receives a Directory as a benefit of membership. AWCMS members may purchase additional copies for $10.00. Please refer to our website www.awcms.org for more information.

The Auxiliary to the Washoe County Medical Society was chartered in 1947. Its name became the Alliance with the Washoe County Medical Society in 1998. 


Elected Officers                                              2

Appointed Officers                                        2

Committee Chairs                                          2

Mini Interest Group Leaders                       2

Calendar                                                           3

Board Meetings                                               4

4 Pillars of AWCMS                                        4

Past Presidents                                                5

Membership/Dues                                          6

Honorary/Distinguished Members            6

Past Rummage Sale Chairmen                    7

Washoe County Medical Society                 8

University of Nevada School of Medicine    8

NV State Medical Association                      9

NV State Medical Association Alliance      9

County Alliance Officers                               9

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President Linette Shepherd

Immediate Past President Lucia Missall

President Elect Laura Pinto

1st VP Publications Sally Hardwick

2nd  Co-VPs Membership Linda Smith, Joyce Sundstrom

Recording Secretary Janelle Devia 

Co-Treasurers Hollie Meier, Molly Pfau

Nominating Rene Rores, Marian Gansert, Lucia Missall, Betsy Nielsen, Jan Zebrack 



Parliamentarian Mary Conklin

Corresponding Secretary Marge Quaglieri

Historian Diane McAllister


Alliance Circle Sandy Miercort

Bylaws TBD

Community Action Projects & Planning Ginny Williamson, Shelley Carrea

Endowment Joyce Sundstrom

Finance Hollie Meier, Molly Pfau

Gala Cary Lurie, Shelley Carrea,

Holiday Luncheon Carole Hess, Simmi Sekhon

Holiday Raffle TBD

Legislation Linda Smith

Mailing Monica Brandl 

MedFlyer Sally Hardwick

Membership Linda Smith, Joyce Sundstrom

Past Presidents Rene Rores

Programs - Organization Suzanne Shane, Simmi Sekhon

Programs – Reservations Patty Rosenauer

Public Relations/Marketing TBD

Strategic Planning Laura Pinto

Webmaster Sally Hardwick


Mini Interest Group Leaders

Biking Jan Zebrack

Book Club Kim Miller

Golfing Susie Riley

Knitting Rene Rores

Needlework Nancy Evans

Playgroup Erin Dooley

Walking Jan Brady, Lainey Lieberstein

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Due to Covid 19, we are unable to have a listof activities that may occur for our 2020-2021year. Please check your MedFlyer for a current lists of activities that are taking place. Email blasts will also be sent out as activities and events are scheduled. We will make

every effort to keep you informed of upcoming events.

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Meetings will be held at 5355 Kietzke Lane, Suite 100, Reno, Conference Room at 9:30 AM on the 4th Tuesday of each month. Board meetings are open to all members.


May 26, 2020

August 25, 2020

September 22, 2020

October 27, 2020

November 17, 2020

No December Board meeting

January 26, 2021

February 23, 2021

March 23, 2021

April 27, 2021

May 25, 2021

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The 3 Pillars of AWCMS
AWCMS provides advocacy for legislative and public health initiatives that positively impact medical practice and community health.
AWCMS provides genuine camaraderie and a welcoming social and professional network through special interest groups, volunteer opportunities and social events.
AWCMS provides advocacy for legislative and public health initiatives that positively impact medical practice and community health.
Page 5                                                                       AWCMS PAST PRESIDENTS
1947* Lela Parson (Lawrence)

1948* Betty Hood (A.J.)

1949* Ada Harper (T.Claire)

1950* Evelyn Bibb (Clyde)

1950-51* Elise Hall (Wesley)

1951-52* Sally Elliott (Fred)

1952-53* Nell Gerow (Lynn B.)

1953-54* Phil Locke (Robert)

1954-55* Tick Cantlon (Edwin L.)

1955-56* Anne Anderson (Fred)

1956-57* Enid Kernan (Francis)

1957-58* Jo Smernoff (Noah)

1958-59* Mariam Salvadorini (Vasco)

1959-60* Pug Sanders (Leibert)

1960-61* Jean Peterson (Lowell)

1961-62* Louise Russell (Lawrence)

1962-63 Elizabeth Lenz(Gilbert)

1963-64* Dorothy Moulton (Olin)

1964-65* Maddy Sonderegger (M.A.)

1965-66 Eva Rosenauer (Adolph)

1966-67 Pat Callister (John)

1967-68* Zena Ervin (John)

1968-69* Maxine Landis (S.N.)

1969-70 Lou Marie Hlubecek (Donald)  

1970-71 Barbara Bynum (William)

1971-72 Kay Loudon (Don)

1972-73* Janet Curry(Arrah)

1973-74 Joan Shonnard(Clairborne)

1974-75* Ruth Anne Kelly (John Jr.)

1975-76* Virginia Dales (Gerald)

1976-77* Marilyn Stewart (Robert)

1977-78 Judith Inskip (Richard)

1978-79 Patricia Cafferata (Treat)

1979-80 Ruth Halvorson (Harold)

1980-81 Gail Dawson (William)

1981-82 Debbie Smith(Lindsay)

1982-83 Susie Riley (Patrick)

1983-84 Nancy Evans (Joe)

1984 Mary Gainey, Ellie Bajor

1985 Mary Gainey, Dell Clark

1986 Linda Shapiro, Hewa Halvorson

1987 Lois Humphrey, Ginny Williamson, Nancy Evans, Debbie Handke

1988 Lois Humphrey, Ginny Williamson, Debbie Handke

1984-85 Earlene Forsythe (James)

1985-86 Mary Conklin (Thomas)

1986-87 Barbara Spring (Donald)

1987-88 Sharla Scott (John)

1988-89 Naomi Sande (John)

1989-90 Jean Myles (Robert)

1990-91 Julie Arger (Kosta)

1991-92 Maureen Tappan (Ross)

1992-93 Mary Gainey (Michael)

1993-94 Judy Gregory (Paul)

1994-95 Ginny Williamson (John)

1995-96 Carol Coppola (Ralph)

1996-97 Eileen Edgcomb (John)

1997-98 Jan Brady (Tom), Vicki Lemieux (John)

1998-99 Laura Dilley (Thatcher)

1999-00 Linda Smith (Ronald)

2000-01 Rene Rores (Christopher)

2001-02 Nancy Proctor (Robert), Barbara Thompson (David)

2002-03 Christine Lazzarini (Michael Morkin)

2003-04* Sharon Cecchi (Geoff), Trudy Wallace (Bruce)

2004-05 Trudy Wallace (Bruce), Jan Brady (Tom), Vickie Lemieux (John), Rene Rores (Christopher), Maureen Tappan (Ross)

2005-06 Wendy Nason (Daniel)

2006-07 Pat Hicks (Henry) 

2007-08 Kitty Smith (Leslie)

2008-09 Shelley Carrea (Frank), Patty Rosenauer (Richard Ardill)

2009-10 Bev Lawrie (James), Sherry Morgan (Jay), Brenda Twite (Tony)

2010-11 Katy Mann (William)

2011-12 Monica Brandl (Joseph)

2012-13 Ingrid Drummer (Eric)

2013-14 Pat Hicks (Henry), Katy Mann (William), Sherry Morgan (Jay), Monica Brandl (Joe)

2014-15 Jean Mullins (Rick)

2015-16 Lainey Lieberstein (Loth)

2016-17 Mary Conklin (Tam), Carole Hess (George), Linda Smith (Ron)

2017-18 Carole Hess(George), Katy Mann (William), Kim Miller (Mitchell)

2018-19 Joyce Sundstrom (Steven)

2019-20 Lucia Missall (Stephen)

* Deceased

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Privileges of AWCMS Membership Include:

  • A copy of the AWCMS Membership Directory

  • The monthly AWCMS newsletter - The MedFlyer

  • The NSMAA newsletter - The Pinon Post 

  • AMAA publications (when you join AMAA) 

  • Access to County, State and National programs

  • Monthly notification of AWCMS meetings and special events

  • The opportunity to attend all AWCMS meetings & events and joint meetings & events of WCMS and AWCMS

  • Voting priviledges in all business matters of AWCMS

  • A voice in legislation affecting medicine and medical issues at State and National levels

  • The bond of friendship and support of other Alliance members



County and State annual dues - $60.00

AWCMS waives County dues for Resident Physician, Medical Student Spouses and Honorary Members.



Elizabeth Lenz, Eva Rosenauer, and Naomi Sande



This award was given to members for their extraordinary achievements and service above and beyond those usually associated with membership.

Sharon Cecchi 2012

Carol Coppola 2008

Jean Myles 2002

Eva Rosenauer 2002

Page 7                                                                    AWCMS RUMMAGE SALE CHAIRS

1952 Peg McLean, Tick Cantlon, Phyl Locke

1953 Enid Kernan, Elise Hall

1954 Anne Anderson, Nell Gerow

1955 Phyl Locke, Lucille Nannini

1956 Jo Smernoff, Louise Russell

1957 Franki Palmer, Mary Jane Herz

1958 Mable Samules, Besse Thompson

1959 Pug Sanders, Dorothy Taylor

1960 Miriam Salvadorini, Maddie Sonderegger

1961 Dorothy Moulton, Ida McCormick

1962 Pat Biglin, Nell Sheretz

1963 Maxine Landis, Bobbie Weaver

1964 Betty Edmiston, Lois Williams

1965 Liz Champion, Virla Coddington

1966 Elizabeth Lenz, Hank Hughes

1967 Naomi Sande, Jackie MacLellan

1968 Phyl Locke, Barbara Bynum

1969 Eva Roseanuer, Maddie Sonderegger

1970 Pat Callister, Janet Curry

1971 Farol Lee Gilbert, Joan Shonnard

1972 Ruth Anne Kelly, Ginny Dales

1973 Kay Loudon, Jean Myles

1974 Wilma Bennett, Jan Zebrack, 

Kay Loudon, Jean Myles

1975 Phyllis Cudek

1976 Elaine Kaiser, Martha Dow

1977 Patty Cafferata

1978 Sandy Campbell

1979 Susie Riley, Jan Admirand

1980 Carel Nielsen, Naomi Sande, Francis Shryock

1981 Debbie Smith, Earlene Forsythe

1982 Earlene Forsythe, Joy Bruce

1983 Pat Watson, Dell Clark

1989 Lois Humphrey, Ginny Williamson, Debbie Handke

1990 Nancy Evans, Pat Kurtz, Lois Humphrey, Pat Watson

1991 Cary Lurie, Carol Hess, Donna Sobczak

1992 Janice Brady, Sharla Scott, Linda Clift

1993 Pat Kurtz, Rosie Dooley, Nancy Evans

1994 Shelly Gray, Charlene Cox, Susan Brune

1995 Kitty Smith, Cheryl Mailander

1996 Debbie Fricke, Earlene Forsythe, Julie Them

1997 Earlene Forsythe, Debbie Fricke, Barbara Thompson, Anna Marie Bajo

1998 Earlene Forsythe, Debbie Fricke, Sherrie Clark

1999 Sue Campbell, Shelley Carrea, Debbie Handke, Cheryl Mailander, Mansooreh Palosaari, Patty Rosenauer

2000 Dana Harrison, Nancy Proctor

2001 Dana Harrison, Nancy Proctor, Earlene Forsythe

2002 Karin Chamberlain, Anna Marie Bajo

2003 Karin Chamberlain, Janelle Devia

2004 Janelle Devia, Cindy Kennedy, Ann Stumpf, Sara Gettleman

2005 Lainey Lieberstein

2006 Lainey Lieberstein, Toni Harris

2007 Bev Lawrie, Rene Rores, Linda Smith

2008 Bev Lawrie, Rene Rores, Linda Smith

2009 Kitty Smith, Pat Hicks

2010 Kim Bacchus, Kitty Smith

2011 Kim Bacchus, Frances Shryock

2012 Bev Lawrie, Rene Rores, Kitty Smith

2013 Kim Bacchus, Judy Gregory, Kitty Smith

2014 Kim Bacchus, Jana Haley

2015 Kim Bacchus

2016 Shelley Carrea, Patty Rosenauer

Mary Ann Huber-Welcome

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Founded in 1907 - Incorporated in Nevada in 1950

Telephone 775-825-0278

FAX 775-825-0785

Email:  maryann@wcmsnv.org or wendy@wcmsnv.org



President Jay Morgan, M.D.

President Elect Patrick Woodard, M.D.

Secretary/Treasurer Shaina Richardson, M.D.

Immediate Past President Reed Dopf, II, M.D.

Delegation Chairperson Robin White, M.D.



Executive Director MaryAnn McCauley

Administrative Assistant Wendy Hernandez


Founded 1969

Reno, NV 89557

Telephone: 775-784-6001

Thomas Schwenk, M.D., Dean 

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Founded 1875-Incorporated in Nevada 1936

Telephone: 775-825-6788, Email: admin@nvdoctors.org



President Keith R. Brill, M.D.

Immediate Past President Ronald S. Swanger, M.D.

President Elect Andrew V. Pasternak, M.D.

Secretary Andrew Eisen, M.D.

Treasurer Sowjanya Reganti, M.D.



Executive Director Jaron Hildebrand

Operations Manager Sarah Watkins
Membership and Jeanette Metz
    Community Liaison



Incorporated in Nevada in 1948


President Monica Brandl 

President Elect TBD

Recording Secretary Carole Hess

Treasurer Mary Conklin

VP Membership Emily Smith  

Nominating Jacqueline Nguyen-Lee, Alexis Crowley, Beverly Daly Dix, Rene Rores, Lucia Missall


CCMSA - Clark County Shirley Musni, Cindy Choi

AWCMS - Washoe County Linette Shepherd