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The Alliance provides advocacy for legislative and public health initiatives that positively impact medical practice and community health.

In every legislative session there are many health and medical practice related bills introduced. Our legislative liaison, attends meetings of the Washoe County Medical Society (WCMS) to understand the concerns of the physicians in our community. This liaison also reports regularly to our membership on legislative matters related to health and also any legislation pertinent to medical practice. Prior to elections, members are invited to meet their legislative representatives at meet-and-greet events and during legislative sessions, they are encouraged to attend legislative hearings and are invited to the annual Physician's Day at the legislature to meet our legislators, discuss issues and receive a refresher course in the legislative process. Most recently (2017) we supported legislation to address the opioid epidemic and improve end-of-life care (AB 199).

Some of the initiatives we've supported through advocacy and volunteering are the:

  • Prescription Drug Round Up conducted by the Reno Police Department to collect and safely dispose of unused medications

  • Community Flu vaccination clinics to provide vital vaccinations to seniors and others in convenient locations and discounted rates


Advocacy includes education. The Alliance has run programs in elementary schools in Washoe County including Tobacco Education, to teach children about the hazards of smoking; Stop American Violence Everywhere (SAVE) that focuses on how to deal with bullying and making positive choices; and early childhood hearing screenings. The Alliance also sponsors events for the public, such as the presentation by author Sam Quinones on his book Dreamland about America's opioid epidemic.

AWCMS members Silvia Nunez and Carole Hess volunteered at the Prescription Drug Round Up on Saturday, April 28th. Member Helaine Greenburg was one of many who came to the event to turn in unused medications.

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