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AWCMS offers many events each year. Many may be for the AWCMS membership only or for members and guests, while other events are open to the public. Each event will explain who is invited to attend. To see a listing of all our events, please click the link below:

Our Main Event: Groovy 60s

This event is open to all, members or others. Proceeds go to support Evoke Warriors, a Washoe County non-profit that builds mental and physical strength for patients diagnosed with cancer, and the AWCMS Endowment, to provide funds specifically designated to support healthcare entities of Washoe County.

This Years Events

If you are a member and wish to RSVP to an up-coming event or find more information about an up-coming event, please click the link below. Please note, you will have to log-in or register, if you haven't already, to see this page. If you are not a member, please consider joining the Alliance so that you may participate in all of our various events.

Up-Coming Events

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