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We are the Alliance with the Washoe County Medical Society (AWCMS),  a non profit, fully volunteer run 
organization whose members include spouses of physicians in Washoe County (including spouses of retired 
physicians, widows or widowers), physicians in Washoe County, as well as resident physician spouses and medical 
student spouses.


Our members are all dedicated to promoting health and wellness in our community through:


  • Nursing scholarships

  • Grants to promote medical education

  • Educational opportunities to promote health and wellness in our community

  • Community initiatives

  • Grants to other non-profits that promote healthy communities

  • Resources for our medical families



AWCMS 2017 - 2018

As a non-profit organization making its way through a changing landscape, AWCMS continues to implement its’ strategic plan and to plot the course for the future—all while honoring its’ roots in philanthropy and advocacy. 


A key part of our strategic plan is to embark on new fundraisers. Last winter, many of our members and community felt the absence of the Rummage Sale. We missed the camaraderie and sense of connection that it fostered. It was always rewarding to see the fruits of our labor disappear before our eyes as happy shoppers filed out the door, but the labor and logistics involved with retrieval, storage and organization of the rummage sale became too much. 


However, AWCMS did not cease in its charitable endeavors; we assessed our current environment and opportunities and headed boldly in a new direction. We now focus our efforts on a particular health issue affecting our local community by engaging with health and community leaders to determine where we can be of most help.


This year we have turned our attention to the opioid epidemic—with its tragic costs on the lives and livelihoods of people in our community, its vast public health implications and its impact on the practice of medicine. AWCMS went beyond the finger pointing and went into action to help local organizations launch key programs towards opioid addiction rehabilitation and prevention. AWCMS worked to further its commitment to be a visible, positive force in educating the community.


Here is a brief overview of our accomplishments so far this year:

  • AWCMS launched a new brochure, a new logo, and a new website---all awesome!

  • We are now able to donations & payments via PayPal

  • This year’s Holiday Raffle & Silent Auction raised over $6800!

  • AWCMS members donated $4400 during this year’s membership/dues drive.

  • $10,653 was awarded to the UNR Medical School Student Outreach Clinic out of proceeds from our Lunafest film fundraiser event.

  • AWCMS supported our community by awarding $2000 to Awaken to help those affected by human trafficking and $5000 to Life Change Center for the treatment and rehabilitation of those afflicted with opioid addiction.

  • This year’s premier fundraiser, The AWCMS Miracle in March Gala on March 3 will benefit Ridge House—for prevention & treatment of opioid addiction.

  • Planning is underway for the AWCMS Endowment Fund. This would ensure AWCMS’ sustainable contribution to our community for many years to come. Stay Tuned!

  • The AWCMS has approved $1840 in grant allocations to the UNR Orvis and TMCC nursing school scholarships.

  • This past September, AWCMS partnered with the Nevada State Medical Association Alliance and Join Together Northern NV (JTNN) to host a sold-out educational event on the opioid epidemic featuring renowned speaker and NY Times reporter, Sam Quinones. His book, Dreamland chronicles the opioid epidemic.

  • AWCMS luncheons often provide educational & insightful venues for members. Past luncheons have featured a speaker from Awaken on the topic of human trafficking, a presentation on the Physician Order for Life-Sustaining Treatment (POLST) and xxx!


FOR MORE INFORMATION ON OUR PROGRAMS OR FUTURE EVENTS, please browse our site for information regarding our activities and, if you are one of our medical families, how to become a member and become involved in promoting our community's health. We welcome all ideas, suggestions and feedback on this website or our activities...please contact us!

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