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Items under this menu are for AWCMS members only. You will need to register as a member for access.


Any physician spouse or physician working or living in Washoe County, or in a neighboring county without a medical society or alliance, is invited to become a member of AWCMS.


Because our membership changes year to year, you will have to renew your access each year. The first time you log in each year (beginning in June each year and once you've submitted your renewal application and payment), you will need to create a login and password. Once you've paid your dues: click the "Sign Up" link below the yellow "Donate" button above. Please use the same email that AWCMS currently has for you so we can identify you as a member. You will need to be approved before access is granted. Your approval will be sent to the email with which you registered.


Click here - if you have never been a member, but would like to become a new member


Click here - if you have ever been a member before and would like to renew your membership for the 2020 - 2021 year.


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