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Originally established as an auxiliary by nurses returning from service in WWII, the goal of AWCMS (the Alliance) was to encourage and help Nevada students pursue a career in nursing. A sponsored event raised funds for the first Alliance nursing scholarship, awarded in 1949. In 1951, the first "Doctor's Wives Rummage Sale" was held to ensure the continuation of the scholarships.


In the 1970s, the Alliance established the Community Action Fund (CAF) Committee which awarded local non-profit grant applicants with funding for their health and service related endeavors. Since 1949, the Alliance has awarded over $300,000 in nursing scholarships and $2 million to community organizations in Washoe County.


Looking to the future, the Alliance will continue its proud tradition of partnering with the Washoe County Medical Society (WCMS) to advocate for sound government health care policy and better community health. Through fundraising and volunteerism, we will continue to support local non-profit organizations to improve the health of Northern Nevadans. We are proud of our past accomplishments and look to the challenges of the future with confidence that we will continue to have a positive impact on the health of our fellow citizens.


Video of AWCMS Philanthopy
To watch a short video of what, how and why AWCMS does our work, click here. 


History of AWCMS Philanthropy

Apply for AWCMS Funding

The deadline for 2023 applications is September 1, 2023.

Please respond to the questions on the pdf application below. Feel free to copy or download it and provide additional pages as necessary.


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